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I Like To Think Outside Of The Box While Developing Websites That Can Fit Properly Into Any Rectangular Screen. I Create Unique Websites That Are Informative, Contemporary, & Bragworthy.

First impressions carry a lot of weight. In fact, studies have shown that potential customers and clients will decide whether or not they want to do business with your company within the first 10 seconds of visiting your website. The impression you make on your web visitors is crucial to your success. Is your website presenting the right image of your business? If not, I can help you fix that.


While there are millions of different ways to design/develop a site and thousands of different features a site can have, I think there are a few important features that every site should have. Those features include:

  • Responsive design (looks and functions well on all devices)
  • Accessible to everyone (including those with disabilities)
  • Well-planned information architecture
  • Well-formatted content
  • Browser consistency
  • Fast load times
  • Valid markup and clean code
  • Contrasting color scheme
  • Security

In today’s competitive online market, lacking any of these features would severely hurt your ability to compete. I ensure all of my sites are built with these features included.


I do not require that you host with me and I don’t build sites with a proprietary CMS that you will no longer be able to use if you stop hosting with me. At the end of the day, I want to make sure you not only own your website but have the power to edit it should you desire.

I recommend and prefer to build sites on the WordPress platform. Using WordPress, I can create a back end with a visual editor that you can log into and make edits at any time. Visual editing capabilities will ensure anyone can update the site without needing to know any code. Of course, I’m not just a WordPress developer. I can build a site on almost any platform.


In addition to being a web developer, I am also an SEO. As I build your site, I will include features and optimizations to improve your SEO right out of the gate. Even if you don’t decide to work with me for SEO, your SEO will thank me.

First and foremost, your site will be optimized for speed. Code will be minified, images will be compressed, and the infrastructure will be built without bulk or bloat. Your SEO will not have to worry about improving site speed once the site is finished.

I will also implement any relevant schema for you, whether that be local business schema, review schema, Q&A schema, etc. As I scrape and pull your existing content, I will fix any existing 404 errors and recommend site hierarchy or inner-link changes if I think there is room for improvement.

As an SEO, I’ve taken on dozens of new sites that came from developers who didn’t put in the time or effort to optimize site speed or add important code needed to create a solid foundation for SEO. I want to make sure that’s not the case for your new site.


There are a lot of web designers out there that can put together a beautiful site, but making sites look pretty is only half the battle. Great sites need design that is user-friendly and optimized for conversion. Great designs need to be coded with performance in mind and a framework suitable for SEO. I make sure every site I produce marries all of these elements into a finished product you can be proud of. My typical web design and development process is as follow:

  1. We’ll hold a kickoff call to determine what kind of image and brand you want to present to current and potential clients. Your input will guide the design process. We’ll also figure out what kind of features and functionality your website will need.
  2. I’ll get to work crafting you an initial design. We’ll hold a meeting to review the design. I will then make any revisions, changes, or re-designs based on your feedback. Once you approve a design, we’ll then move into development.
  3. I will develop your site offline based on the approved designs so that your current live site can continue to generate revenue while I work on your new site. Your new site will be tested on every device across every browser before I unveil it to you.
  4. When the website is finished, we’ll hold another meeting to review the finished website. If there are any requested revisions that come from the meeting, I will get to work making those shortly after.
  5. Once the website is approved, we’ll schedule a launch for your new site. Your new website will go live within 48 hours of approval.

The entire web development process typically takes 90 days, but project lengths can vary depending on the scope of the work.



White Clover Paper Co Website

White Clover Paper Co. is a watercolor art print and stationary producer based out of Michigan. The brand needed a new ecommerce website to be able to sell art prints and cards online without relying on Etsy. I built White Clover Paper Co. a new website in WordPress with WooCommerce and the company is now growing the brand beyond Etsy while also increasing profit margins avoiding Etsy fees.


Salon Website Design

GR Beauty Game operates a Grand Rapids Beauty Salon offering esthetician services in Jenison, MI. They had originally built their own site on Wix, but wanted a more professional update to attract new customers. I built their new site in WordPress.


Interested in having a conversation about a new website? I would love to have a conversation to see what your needs may be and how I can help. Unsure whether or not your site needs to be redesigned? I also offer a free website audit. I can take a look at your site and assess the code and design to determine if your web property has what it takes to beat the competition and convert. You can call 312-931-7803 or fill out the form below to get in touch. I hope to hear from you soon.

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