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On Average, 70% of Facebook and Google Ad Budgets Are Wasted. I Can Help You Avoid Wasting Precious Marketing Dollars.

In my opinion, there are few things more disheartening than seeing ineffective PPC management waste a company’s potential. All too often, agencies or internal marketing departments will create campaigns with lack of management or ineffective management. A lack of A/B testing, search analysis, and keyword optimization will eat up budget while failing to produce qualified conversions.

I can never stress enough that PPC is a process that takes discipline and ongoing review to succeed. Where many will optimize campaigns on a monthly basis (at best), I review my campaigns on a weekly basis. I even provide weekly reports and updates. I take care of your ad budget as if it was my own and I want to ensure you get the best possible return on every dollar invested. When it comes to PPC, there are two main categories and I enjoy working in both.

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Advertising with paid search is a crucial component in any digital marketing strategy, because there’s no better time to advertise than when someone has actively decided they want to make a purchase. Advertising on search engines like Google and Bing will place you at the top of search results when specific keywords you bid on are searched. Every time a user clicks your ad, you pay a fee.

The beauty of paid search is the ability to catapult to the top of the results for transactional searches that are more likely to lead to conversions. If a campaign is set up correctly, paid search can be a very profitable way to drum up new business.


Paid social strategies can apply to any social media platform that serves ads. If you run a B2B business, I may recommend LinkedIn advertising. However, for the most part, I advise my clients to focus on Facebook advertising. Facebook is by far the largest and most powerful social media platform in the world. On any given day, 1.5 billion users will login to browse and engage with posts.

The reach of the platform makes makes advertising worthwhile, but successfully advertising on Facebook is not easy. Unlike paid search, people aren’t actively looking for products and services on Facebook. Your ads will be competing with puppy videos and the latest memes. Successfully advertising on Facebook takes a solid understanding of how to drive user engagement and an effective use of audience targeting to get the most out ad budgets.

Facebook may target an audience higher in sales funnel, but if you run campaigns properly, you can actually run more effective campaigns at a lower cost in comparison to paid search.


The PPC landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving. I recognize that getting the most out of ad spend means evolving with the landscape. That is precisely why I optimize all of my campaigns on a weekly basis. I never stop testing, analyzing, and making changes based on my findings. I want to continuously increase your conversions while simultaneously reducing your cost per acquisition. However, that’s not the only thing I approach differently than other agencies you may have encountered.

I offer complete exclusivity with all of my services. This means that if I work with you, I will not be working with competitors in your industry providing services or products in your area. I also work month-to-month with no long-term contracts. If you don’t like my work, you can stop paying at any time.

I am firm believer in complete transparency. I have no secret techniques or proprietary tools that I can’t share with you. You will always know what I’m doing and why. In fact, my typical campaign startup process is as follows:

  1. We’ll hold a kickoff call where I’ll ascertain what your goals are and how your offering meets the needs of your potential customers. I’ll make note of what differentiates you from your competitors and use it to drive my creative.
  2. I’ll begin to put together landing pages and/or ad images (depending on the needs of the campaign) along with ad copy. I always develop multiple iterations of copy, pages, and images to test and optimize.
  3. I will conduct research to determine the keywords or audiences we should be targeting. I will then use that data to build out the campaign.
  4. I’ll ensure tracking is in place to provide you with data for your return on investment and set up billing.
  5. Once the assets and copy are approved, we’ll begin running your ads.

With the campaign running, I will collect and analyze data to optimize where needed. The performance will drive any tests or changes I make moving forward. Each week you’ll receive a progress report on how your campaigns are doing.


Interested in having a conversation to see if I can help you? I would be more than happy to dive into your current ad accounts and provide feedback at no cost. I also provide strategic advice for free. If you like my outlined ad strategy and you’d like to have me run it, we can then talk costs. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from starting a conversation. You can call or fill out the form below. I hope to hear from you soon.

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